About privacy

This tool does not log any library URL. One page view beacon is sent upon initial loading of the page, then no subsequent beacon will be sent.

About this tool

This tool was developed out of a learning project. It is intended to help analytics developers to get a snapshot of an Adobe Launch implementation quickly. For example, you can see how many rules contain custom codes, what are the custom codes, and if there is an opportunity to replace some of them with an Extension.

About the creator

My name is Michael Lee, co-founder of WisdomLink Asia, a digital analytics consultancy in Hong Kong. This is my personal blog hkdigitalanalytics.com, I am also available in the Measure Slack.


Thanks to the creator of the Adobe Launch Viewer-https://launch-viewer.ariak.dev. He is kind enough to let me know how it works, which gave me a lot of help in developing this tool. Please check out his version, and his LinkedIn profile as well.

About Vue JS

Vue JS is Javascript development framework similar to React and Angular. Developers love it because of its simplicity and low barrier of entry. But unlike React and Angular, Vue JS is not funded by any big tech company. If you like this tool, please consider making a small donation to the Vue community to keep Vue JS going - https://vuejs.org/support-vuejs/"